Cydia Jailbreak Ipod Touch

cydia jailbreak ipod touch
cydia jailbreak ipod touch
iPod Touch JailBreak Cydia help!?

Every time i open Cydia i get a
“Error: Database, Malformed line 5 in source list /ect/apt/source.list.d/cydia.list (dist parse)”

i tried:
Uninstalling / Reinstalling Cydia

No use…
I have iFile installed, maybe it can help me somehow?

What generation iPod Touch are you running? What firmware are you running? What program did you use to jailbreak? Also, try updating Cydia to v1.1.1 by installing this deb file using iFile here:

Just a note: you don’t need SDM to download this. Just click on the .deb file and it will ask you if you want to open it in iFile. Open it in iFile, install it, and reboot your iPod Touch.

I hope this helps!

Ipod Touch Jailbreak Apps

ipod touch jailbreak apps
ipod touch jailbreak apps
How to get paid apps when you jailbreak your ipod touch?

hi i am getting a ipod touch on boxing day and it will be a 3rd generation i know by that time they will make jailbreak so i was wondering when i jailbreak my ipod touch how do i install the money apps for free. and can someone please explain what others thing you can do when you jailbreak your ipod touch.

you can’t sorry. u have to buy them…. Orr… go to the store and bring a SMALL notepad. (A sticky note will do.) Take 2 or 3 50$ itunes cards and scratch the back to get the code. Write them down on the pad. DISCARD the itunes cards. walk out store only with notepad. 100% full proof.