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I’ve put together a quick review of  iPhone Developer Secrets for you.  This will show you what you actually get when you sign up.  This is an iPhone app development course but it does not require any programming experience.  This course gives you the tools and knowledge to create and market an iphone app or game in 4 weeks.

Week 1

Right away, you’ll be creating your first application.  This is painless on for the most part.  Mike will introduce you to the essential important areas that you need to know to create this first app.  In this first week you’ll be focusing on Cocos 2D toolkit.

Week 2

Here is where he will introduce you to more advanced development tools including Xcode and iWebKit as well as more in-depth information with Cocos 2D.  The information is to use and easy to follow as you create your first iphone app.

Week 3

You will continue to go through the important elements of 2D and 3D editing software as it applies to game and app development while only focusing on what you need to know to create your app.  That is why by the end of the third week you have your own app or game ready to go.  You only focus on areas that you need to know and not all the fluff surrounding it.

Week 4

This is exciting because now you actually have your very own game or app created just three weeks into the course.  Now we get into the most important area.  This will be how to market your app or game and make money through the app store.  Mike understands the best way to do this so you can really avoid a lot of dead ends or mistakes by following his advice.  Recent trends in game development will also be covered.  What genres are popular now and in the near future.  This really takes a lot of guesswork out of creating your app as well.  Enter into a hot market, creating an app that people want and marketing it well is what Mike knows how to do so well and this is exactly what he is going to teach you.


There is a cool bonus as well when you sign up to Mike’s course.  It’s an interview set with some super successful app creators.

Review of what you get

You get the full course that shows you exactly how you will create and market your first iPhone app or game by the end of the course.  You get access to the bonus knowledge from top successful iPhone app developers and you get dedicated personal support.

I think that’s an awesome package.  This is also guaranteed for 60 days by Clickbank the third party payment facilitator.  You are protected for 60 days by full money back guarantee.

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