iPod FAQ

i’m considering getting an iPad, and i’d like iPad owners’ opinion.
I realize lots of people hate the iPad, and i don’t need to hear people dissing it unless they actualy have one.
iPad owners only! :)
Thanks :)

I think everyone else who owns an iPad would agree it is essentially a giant iPod Touch. There is not a lot more to it than that to be honest. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, the iPad is actually very useful for a lot of situations… but it is not revolutionary or magical as Apple describes it, these are just marketing terms thrown around to help make the iPad seem more distinguished from the iPod.

The key differentiating factor is the size of the screen which allows developers to take advantage of the large full resolution display when building apps for the device. This provides a better all around user experience, but apart from a usability and resolution improvements, there isn’t a whole lot to be said about the iPad in comparison to its little sister.

The iPad is faster and more powerful than the iPod though and the higher resolution display really makes a difference. For example, you can now have a (virtually) full size keyboard which certainly helps, but..

When you compare Apple’s iPad to other similar tablet computers however, there are a few things missing. For one, the iPad has slower processing speeds and less random-access-memory than most of the competing tablets (e.g. 1 Ghz vs 1.6 Ghz processor and 256 MB vs 1024 MB of RAM).

This means you are essentially paying the same price for much less physical hardware. It is important to note that most of the apps built for the iPad do not use a lot of processing power or RAM, so this is not actually a big issue, it’s just a case of you’re paying a lot and not getting the hardware to show for it (but the same can be said for most Apple products though, so that is to be expected).

The other key thing the iPad is missing is a webcam and/or camera like most other tablets have built-in and also a USB port for connecting peripheral devices.

One of the downsides of the iPad is that it basically runs a crippled Operating System. Compared to a standard copy of Mac OS X or Windows 7 (that other tablets have), the iPad OS is rather limited in its capabilities. It can only run apps that are specifically designed for Apple mobile devices where as other tablets can run virtually any existing Windows application. Again this is not such a bad thing, it’s not like the iPad is designed to replace your main computer, but it kind of feels like you are renting it from Apple because you are consistently reminded that the device has certain limitations and that there is not a lot of room for customization to make it your own (unlike a Windows based tablet for example).

Just to be clear, the iPad is not any more limiting than the iPod, but because it is a larger device, the expectation is that it should follow the rest of the industry and be an open platform without restrictions. For this reason, a lot of people don’t like and refuse to buy the iPad because they believe it is a ‘step back in computing’ (i.e. more restrictive / less able than other competing devices).

Why did apple come out with the ipad? Because all it is is an iPhone with a big screen.?

In 2007 when iPhone came people like you asked the same question. Why did Apple come with a phone that didn’t have video camera and MMS.

Cheap phones are loaded with features. But see the result today in little over 2 years iPhone became the highest selling smartphone and Apple has grown enormously. iPhone became a phenomena.

Today again the question is why iPad and again you will see big lines in front of Apple Store on the day of its launch.

Apple items are not everyone its only for those who believe in performance not in features. Its not for those who just follow commercial and start bragging oh it doesn’t support “Flash”
I love it because I dont want Flash based intrusive advertisements banner and video on the sites.

iPad is incredible book reader with amazing business support through iWork. You will see very soon all the company will bring “touch enabled office suite”

Multi gesture iWork alone is enough for people like me to get an iPad. It supports High Definition video so it will be incredible to watch video, play games and best is you will get internet over 3G and AT&T hot spot just for $15.

All the incredible iPhone apps will run on iPad so I can enjoy those on bigger screen. And many spectacular app are coming exclusively for iPad. In few months we will see 50,000 exclusive apps for iPad.

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