iPad Release Day

Can iPad buy music without having a normal computer first in order to create an iTunes account?

If I don’t have a computer (pc or mac) can I buy music from iTunes into my iPad.

Taking into consideration that you first need to have a computer to create an iTunes store account

nope all you do is get a itunes card type the number you have itunes built in all i pads and ipodtouches
all you do is seahc the music you want push download and wella no computer necessary and oh yes you do have to have a itunes acount when you singup thea ask for a credit card but if you dont
wanna add a credit just search facebook in the itune store click donwload and it well say create a acount type the basic info when the creidt cards pop up just push none then thea well send you a verification link to your email and click confirm wella so thene you start downloading all your apps have fun did you now it still doesnt come out till 60 days?

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