Ipod Touch Jailbreak Apps

ipod touch jailbreak apps
ipod touch jailbreak apps
How to get paid apps when you jailbreak your ipod touch?

hi i am getting a ipod touch on boxing day and it will be a 3rd generation i know by that time they will make jailbreak so i was wondering when i jailbreak my ipod touch how do i install the money apps for free. and can someone please explain what others thing you can do when you jailbreak your ipod touch.

you can’t sorry. u have to buy them…. Orr… go to the store and bring a SMALL notepad. (A sticky note will do.) Take 2 or 3 50$ itunes cards and scratch the back to get the code. Write them down on the pad. DISCARD the itunes cards. walk out store only with notepad. 100% full proof.

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